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KC Concentrate Solution for cleaning White Stains 100%

KC Concentrate 100ml for Spray on Chrome

KC Concentrate 100ml for spray on chrome

          Mix KC Concentrate 100ml in DI-Water 400-500ml. you will have KC solution for ready use and not exprie solution. More problem have White Stains after the chrome mirror complete. This solution can help and fix white stains problem. by spray KC solution on your parts after you spray AC Solution and Show Water flim. KC solution will Capture Capacity ion-+ excess to nomal capacity ion. your chrome mirror will very bright and not have white stains on surface. This solution for spray on chrome system only. if you use it orther system i not grarunty.

Remover Chrome mirror Concentrate Solution ratio 1:4

Remover Chrome mirror Concentrate Solution ratio 1:4

           This solution for Spray on chrome system. some time sprayer making chrome mirror error. this solution will help restart again. by spray it on the chrome mirror. it easy to use. 

Remover Chrome mirror for Spray on Chrome System
      This Clip-Video. How to do it.

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Spray on Chrome deverlop to Fire on Chrome BATA

Spray on Chrome deverlop to Fire on Chrome BATA

Fire on Chrome ready use by brush at 100ml
          For Fire on chrome it for metal, rock... etc or parts resistan high temperature... for soure about high temperature you can use fire gun. for microwave not work....

          In Clip-video use brush on metal parts (Bress) it can resistan high temperature... Brush fire on chrome on parts. and await to dry 6 hour up to 1 days.

          After all dry. use the fire gun. brun on surface. by quick pass-to-pass. brun until that point show chrome mirror. if that point show blue chrome color that want brun again. but if that point show yellow chorme color that is over heat.
          After all show chrome. you can use 1k can spray candy color spray on it for change color for you want.

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Spray on chrome

2002 Alfa Romeo 156 to Red Chrome by Spray on Chrome

2002 Alfa Romeo 156 to Red Chrome by Spray on Chrome

          Hi. we have one euro car. we want cover all to red chrome. it not easy. for example about step to spray on chrome on it. 
          - Sand on old color until all surface to smoot.
          - BaseCoat on it. and await 3 days for sure it to dry.
          - Spray activator and clean Di water.
          - Start AR solution by use water pump.
          - Clean all by Di water and spray PD solution for easy airblow.
          - Airblow all and await 1 hour to topcoat on chrome mirror.
          - After topcoat 6 hour. spray original 2k wait mix read 6 drop in 2k at 100ml
          - We spray 2 round until to Red Chrome.

           After Cover all to Red Chrome... on clip video.

          Thank you for waching. sorry we not skill english. i hop you will have idea to use it. it is spray on chrome

Step for Spray on Chrome

Step for Spray on Chrome.

- Base Coat Ready use. (Spraying Thin only. Thickness strictly prohibited.)
- Cleaning by Distilled Water.
- Activator Solution "This Step very important. it control chrome color. please.. Sure! Activator made water film and stay on your Base coat.
- Clean by distilled Water. "More Cleaning..and you have time 90-180sec. start A&R Solution on it."
- A&R Solutions. (Spray until show chrome color. That stop now)

How Spray A&R
- Spray A&R until show black in gold or gold in black color on surface and STOP NOW!!
- Spray Distilled Water for Clean old BAD A&R out of on surface.
- Spray A&R again until show the mirror chrome brighness all on surface and STOP NOW!!. if you spray A&R more.. your surface will have white smoke in deep mirror.
- Spray Distilled Water for Clean old BAD A&R out of on surface.
- Rechecking your surface again by look. if some area have gold or black color. please the little spray A&R solution until show to same like the mirror chrome color.

- Cleaning by distilled Water.
- Spray PD solution for made water drop. it for easy Airblow to dry. (*Option Solution*)
- Cleaning by distilled water.
- AirBlow Until all to Drying.
- After all 30min-24Hours. Top Coat 2K System for Spray on Chrome (with Dye Color for your want).
- Await 4-24 Hours. your parts complete.!

Lacqure for made color on mirror chrome.
         After i find lacqure for spray on chrome methode.... until i found it..!! you can find the lacqure in your color shop. it can made color on it. for me... use the LAYLAND brand. 

         This is color. now LAYLAND factory in thailand made 11 color in the market.

Spray on Chrome