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          We Sell Spray on Chrome KIT. Spray on Chrome Solution, Spray Gun for Spray on Chrome(D.I.Y), Base-Top Coat&Dye Color for Spray on Chrome. Shipping All WorldWide.! 

Wet spray (Spray on Chrome).
          For liquid spray on chrome today to clarify. Many people might expect. That the Spray on Chrome is the same as the Plating by Electric Current.  As we have gathered here to decide on before buying it.

Spray on Chrome, Spray on Chrome Solution, Spray on Chrome kit, Spray on Chrome System
# Liquid Activator Solution Stimulates skin surface.
          - Base Coat on the ground with the first part, Or if you not have Base Coat. Can use 2K lacquer to Base Coat or spray paint cans. But The quality of the chrome little Drop. For glass, marble, tile without Base Coat on surface can be activator solution and begin spraying the chrome..
          - Liquid Activator 2-4 days to Very Best work. The color of the water is a little yellow precipitate after 3 weeks of this term should not be used.

# Up on 2K lacquer is chrome yellow and ready to work.
          - The current solution by mixing Chrome Dye Glossy into 2K lacquer system.

# A and R Solution at the same time. The liquid spray chrome is slow, does not it, a translucent white, but black, but not bright white, Gold chrome, red to blue.
          - These problems of activator solution deactivation and water for clean to dirty. (It should be focused on the surface of the activator)

# Splice using spray paint color reagent A and R Solution, But the chrome is very slow or the red, blue, black.
          - The problem is the solution R is corrosive aluminum. So.. please coated with lacquer or Silver plated dipped in tube nozzle or any aluminum part on spray Gun.

# When the lacquer off the surface. Press the chrome cracks like dry stretch.
           - The color of the chrome is not complete dry.
           - Mix thinners in 1K or 2K over more.!
           - In deeper layers of the primer is not complete dry.

# When the lacquer off the surface. Then it is the bond color.
          - The primer is not complete dry.
          - Base Coat not support with Spray on Chrome

# A and R Solution then the solution spray paint chrome is first point to black spot.
          - Is in the process of spraying activator solution on surface. The water film through the piece and water film lost before spraying it in the A and R solution. Fixed by spraying the activator solution on surface may be repeated spraying the same location several times or Shorten it by flame to the surface then make water-film from the heat.

# The sky is a hazy white surface makes it work lost. Occur for three reasons.!
          - Wet activator solution on surface not clear. Please wet by distilled water very very more and the injection force * This process important.*
          - Spray on Chrome not rotating on parts. When Spray on Chrome over more it growing white smook and please spray on parts form bottom to up.
          - The air in air pump have water and very dirty. please Air filter is clean during use.

*  The work was completed in the spray on chrome. Would have to be a chrome finish and clear as a mirror to see herself and seamless dark spots or blemishes or any marks. When spraying Top Coat it will very Good Color. *

Spray on Chrome on Shell

Spray on Chrome on Shell

          Frist time.! Use My Base Coat on Parts. My Base Coat Dry in Room at 2-3 days. if use lamp 60 Watt (80c). it can Dry at 2-4 Hour

Best Base Coat for Spray on Chrome. When Dry to Complete!

          When Base Coat to Dry Complete. All Can Start Step-by-Step for Spray on Chrome.

Chrome Color very good more there use primer or spray cans replace Base Coat

Chrome Color very String on Surface and Very Bright

Detailed information Mix&Spray For Spray on Chrome

Detailed information Mix&Spray For Spray on Chrome Kit

How Mix Solution For Spray on Chrome Kit


          Activator solution mixed in 1 liter of distilled water await time 2-4 days before used or Until the release of the water changes from liquid water to Water primrose. How to keep at normal temperature. The solution was kept for three weeks. if want long time stored kept in the refrigerator. it will up the previous 1-3 months. it depending on how much you are exposed to air. However if the solution is concentrated. It's not mixing Distilled water. Can be stored for years.


          Mix A solution concentrate 100cc into Distilled Water 400cc. A solution is available the 500 cc ready used and to keep the containers in a crash. This solution does not deteriorate. Stored in room temperature.


          Mix R solution concentrate 100cc into Distilled Water 400cc. A solution is available the 500 cc ready used and to keep the containers in a crash. This solution does not deteriorate. Stored in room temperature. Close the lid tightly.


          Mix PD solution concentrate 100cc into Distilled Water 400cc. A solution is available the 500 cc ready used and to keep the containers in a crash. This solution does not deteriorate. Stored in room temperature.


          Set all Solution in Tank and Spray gun for Ready use on your parts. 

Spray on Chrome Process

Base Coat 
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          Base Coat on your Surface parts. Be careful not to spray too thick it will not dry completely Base Coat is available if you can not pour it back and close the lid tightly can be used in the future.

          Clean the surface with the wind to scrub off the dirt.


          Open surface by flame. The flame will help made Water-Film on surface and the Activator solution stick surface works great upto 80 percent. The flame should be required to pass through the observed heat waves away the skin. if you do not feel or not Sure for use flame. you can use Activator Solution spray directly as usual.

           After spraying it with fire. Spraying water is clear again that the surface with a film of water on the Surface. Instead of a grain of water.

          Spray Activator Solution on your Surface parts. you looking water-film on surface. that OK!

         Activator Solution washed with distilled water and spray it so very clear (not to be born white hazy * important *).          

          Spray on Chrome. By from bottom to top. Spray the entire piece. Do not spray an area Pendant steaming time. When color is chrome yellow. Switch should be washed with distilled water to reduce the white hazy and then spray chrome again. Until the color is bright chrome. And then stopped breathing. If you spray too much. it will be over mirror to white hazy on surface. Make a clear decline. This will make the Top Coat is stained with purple is difficult.

          Cleaned with distilled water again.

          PD solution by spray paint over the surface. If you want to spray with in two hours of Top Coat to the PD solution may not be required because PD solution used to protect the surface from the air. If the specimen Top Coat to spray the next day, but no later than 7 days. if over 7 days the chrome is peeling off the yellow and black.

          Surface cleaning PD solution with distilled water until clear. See the drop water on surface parts.

          Drop water blowing away the dry skin.

Picture after Spray on Chrome made Chrome mirrow complet. await Top Coat

Spray Top Coat mix Violet Color for dye chrome

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Picture After Top Coat Complete

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