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Replay - How Spray on Chrome AGAIN..!

Replay - How Spray on Chrome AGAIN..!
Step by Step. Again..!

1. Lacquer Primer Surfacer. (This step dependent for you. if you not want primer. you can use base coat spray direct on your parts.) 
2. Base Coat.
3. SC Solution (For clean Basecoat & this solution can remove chrome).
4. Cleaning by Distilled Water. 
5. Activator Solution.
6. Cleaning by Distilled Water.(This step very important. please cleaning more water)
7. A and R Solutions.
8. Cleaning by Distilled Water.
9. PD Solution 
10. Cleaning by Distilled Water.
11. Drying
12. Final After 30min-1Hours. Top Coat Glossy Ready use for Spray on Chrome(with Dry Color for your want).
13. Await 4-6 Hours. your parts complete.!

After spray on chome and Top Coat Complete.