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Easy Remove Spray on Chrome (Silver)

Easy Remove Spray on Chrome (Silver)
          Liquid SC Many wonder what it was concluded that it is a liquid used to strip chrome (Silver) method throws a chrome cleaner and Base Coat surface with dirt. You can not use this solution with a chrome plating it. Many of you may be confused.

Why use this service?
- Let's be honest, we spray chrome, and many mistakes. Due to exceptional circumstances such as color, chrome fog. The catalyst surface expired, spray the chrome over mirror, black spots after new paint chrome. These problems may occur at any time. Therefore, we have prepared this solution comes up.

If asked what needed to be reminded to buy?

- We can not tell you. Up to ensure that the surface is much Base Coat specimen collected in just ASIN. Before and during spray chrome paint chrome. Cause some problems if you do not mind, it does not need to be used.



This my product is SC Solution

Chrome Color

Chrome Color
       For Chrome Color from Spray on Chrome. We use dye 2K system color 3-6 cc mix in the top coat (clear lacquer) total at 50cc. We have master color is Read , Yellow and Blue. For Chrome color we use violet color.
          If you want other color you can mix color from the master color.

Master Color for Chrome Color

Master mix made Color step Two for Chrome Color

Master Color mix Color step two for Chrome Color
          For Chrome color you can mix all color to violete color. Main color for mix is Red + Blue + Black. Ratio 48%+48%+4%. 

Top coat Complete.
 Next time we will post clip video for spray on chrome color.....

Shipping spray on chrome solution to malaysia

Shipping spray on chrome solution to malaysia

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Chrome on Plastic by Spray on Chrome

Chrome on Plastic by Spray on Chrome

          For Spray on Chrome can adap to any surface. The Chrome(silver) to track Base Coat everywhere. So whether it is material. It's easy to paint chrome or chrome colors as you like. Anyway Spray on Chrome also relies on a step. steps should be understood before working a job that has to be beautiful and complete. On Clipvideo show spray process on plastic con-zone classic car. So Chrome can easy on any plastic.

Spray on Chrome Solution-Shipping to Malaysia

Spray on Chrome Solution-Shipping to Malaysia (Tracking Number CP036457945TH)
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Packed order for shipping.

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