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Money from USA & Russian : Spray on Chrome Solution

Money from USA & Russian : Spray on Chrome Solution

Airmail to sean USA : RR080920760TH
Boat(Surface) to ovsyannikov RUSSIAN : CP036361902TH

Spray on Chrome to Car grille NISSAN CUBE

Spray on Chrome to Car grille NISSAN CUBE

Please look in clipvideo for step by step.

1. Spray Distilled Water for Clean Dusty on Base Coat.
2. Spray Activator Solution on Base Coat
3. Spray Distilled Water Clean Activator. (Water Film coathing on Serface that work)
4. Spray A and R solution by Dual Spray Gun. by punctuate (Spray AR, SprayWater, Spray AR,SprayWater, Spray AR, SprayWater) Until look like Chrome brighting. and Stop.
5. Spray Distilled Water
6. Spray PD shieler Solution.
7. Spray Distilled Water. and Blow until Dry.
8. Await 30-60 min.
9. Spray Top Coat. (Mix dye color for your want)