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Please contact us at all times. Before purchase product about spray on chrome.
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Now.... Stop PD Solution(sealer) for Spray on Chrome on surface..

Now.... Stop PD Solution(sealer) for Spray on Chrome on surface..
Why ..??
          For PD solution. Now in process spray on chrome not unnecessary. When use PD solution on final process. it made smoke on surface. When you Topcoat on chrome(silver). it will dark bright, not clear gloss and more growing to yellow.
PD solution not work not use.!!

For training courses.

For training courses.
We offer training courses. For beginners. The details are as follows.
- Spraying Base Coat , problem, solve the problem.
- Spraying A and R Solution , problem, solve the problem.
- Spray Top Coat , problem, solve the problem.
- Preparation of Solution.
- And many more.......

Training costs 15,000 Baht (535USD).
You can get paid to Training + Spray gun A & R + Some tool + All Solutions + Free Room

Location for Training
Ratchaburi Province of Thailand
Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok to Ratchaburi Province 1-3 hour. Fare taxi 1500-2000 Baht.(55-75USD)

Time for Training 1 Day

Good for..?
- Want to make a career.
- Plans for tourism in Thailand.
- To business partners.
- Other

Thank you.