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Now !!! We new Develop Solution Spray on Chrome.

Now !!! We new Develop Solution Spray on Chrome
For New Solution.

          - A & R high Concentrate Solution 1:49 >> Complete Deverlopment
          - Activer Concentrate Solution (Activator : Distilled Water ) " 5cc : 500cc". After mix the distilled water 5-10 min. >> Ready use!!. Not await time 1-2 day. Not Warm. >> Complete Deverlopment ......

          In ClipVideo
     1. We Spray Distilled Water for Show. This Surface can not have water film.
     2. We mix New Activator 5cc
     3. At 5 min
     4. Start Spray again. it made water film. That WORK!!
     5. Clean by Distilled Water.
     6 . Spray A and R solution. That OK..!!

          - New BaseCoat 2K System. It can dry 1-2 hour by Spotlight. and 4-6 hour by original sunlight. >> 80% Deverlopment