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Rainbow Bicycal by Spreay on Chrome Paint

Rainbow Bicycal by Spreay on Chrome Paint.

          I receive bicycal from my customer. he want rainbow color. so i use spray on chrome methode for do it. bicycal made from the cabonfiber and paint color form factory. so i resurface by paper sand. and start primer paint. and basecoat again.

          After await basecoat to dry 2 days. start spray on chrome methode.

          After spray on chrome methode complete. await 10-30 min. start topcoat by mix candy color for made rainbow.

          All complete. i ship bicycal to customer.....

          Next time he use it. it good color stong. it long time on the bicycal. all by spray on chrome methode. it for any metal... :)

The SELER is option solution for spray on chrome

The SEALER is option solution for spray on chrome

          Why??? Topcoat not stick on surface the chrome mirror. because spray on chrome is use pure silver for made mirror so it have stong at 9h. so all topcoat or other paint not good cover on it. SEALER is solution option. spray it frist layer before start spray the topcoat. it help the topcoat stong on silver mirror. but if you have the topcoat highend. the sealer not nesserry.

1993 Toyota Celica to spray on chrome

1993 Toyota Celica to spray on chrome

          My customer want chenge color. From blue paint to bright color... it is spray on chrome. The car  made is a 1993 Toyota Celica pop-up.

           The first step is to retreat inside the cabin. To simplify the process of preparing the surface for the step of spray on chrome.

          Storage Keep all of various devices. Inside the cabin to be completed.

           Start job. about surface. befor start spray on chrome.

          Spray on Chrome to mirror. you can look detail for chroming in my store. >> click

        My custome want Spray on chrome to Blue ocean style...

          Assemble the various parts, then test out. People look at this car. Throughout the journey. The color is very shiny and reflects the sunshine well.

1993 Toyota Celica Pop-Up to spray on chrome the blue ocen style.
1993 Toyota Celica Pop-Up to spray on chrome the blue ocean style.
          Finally, my job is done. And customers like it a lot. Paint spray on chrome, it's not hard to do it. but understand it. and Practice a little every time. It will surely succeed.