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2002 Alfa Romeo 156 to Red Chrome by Spray on Chrome

2002 Alfa Romeo 156 to Red Chrome by Spray on Chrome

          Hi. we have one euro car. we want cover all to red chrome. it not easy. for example about step to spray on chrome on it. 
          - Sand on old color until all surface to smoot.
          - BaseCoat on it. and await 3 days for sure it to dry.
          - Spray activator and clean Di water.
          - Start AR solution by use water pump.
          - Clean all by Di water and spray PD solution for easy airblow.
          - Airblow all and await 1 hour to topcoat on chrome mirror.
          - After topcoat 6 hour. spray original 2k wait mix read 6 drop in 2k at 100ml
          - We spray 2 round until to Red Chrome.

           After Cover all to Red Chrome... on clip video.

          Thank you for waching. sorry we not skill english. i hop you will have idea to use it. it is spray on chrome