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Spray on Chrome deverlop to Fire on Chrome BATA

Spray on Chrome deverlop to Fire on Chrome BATA

Fire on Chrome ready use by brush at 100ml
          For Fire on chrome it for metal, rock... etc or parts resistan high temperature... for soure about high temperature you can use fire gun. for microwave not work....

          In Clip-video use brush on metal parts (Bress) it can resistan high temperature... Brush fire on chrome on parts. and await to dry 6 hour up to 1 days.

          After all dry. use the fire gun. brun on surface. by quick pass-to-pass. brun until that point show chrome mirror. if that point show blue chrome color that want brun again. but if that point show yellow chorme color that is over heat.
          After all show chrome. you can use 1k can spray candy color spray on it for change color for you want.

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Spray on chrome